Sunday School

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Sunday School

Sundays in school term time

9.00 - 10.00am

Would you like to come to Sunday School in our church bus?

It leaves the church at 8.15am to pick everyone up for a 9.00am start, then drops everyone home afterwards.


What ages to we cater for?

Kindergarten: 2 - 5 years of age

Infants: Infants years at school (K-2)

Primary: Primary years at school

Bible Class: High School


Family services

We have four special Family Services throughout the year, commencing at 10.30am. Parents and friends are invited, and all the children take part.


Sunday School Picnic

This is held on the last Saturday in October. More details about the event can be found out closer to the date.


Please contact us for further information.

As part of our commitment to providing a safe place for children to learn about Jesus, we follow a Child Protection Policy for all our ministries to children. A copy of the Policy is available from the Pastor.