Ladies' Fellowship

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Revesby Congregational Church

Ladies Fellowship

Programme 2015


FEBRUARY  Tuesday     10th          Lunch at Church. 

                         Monday 16th          7.30 pm. Planning  Meeting.  Padstow.                                                                                                                                                                  

MARCH            Tuesday     10th          Outing to Theresa Park


APRIL               Tuesday   14th         ‘What a Wonderful World’    

MAY                   Monday       4th           7.30 pm.Planning Meeting. Engadine

                               Tuesday    12th            ‘Who is your hero?’

                               Friday        29th           FCW Dinner.  Revesby Workers’ Club

JUNE              Tuesday      8th            ‘Anything Goes’

JULY                 Tuesday      7th            Are you a Christian Goose


AUGUST          Tuesday    11th          Outing 


SEPTEMBER Tuesday     8th           ‘Grab your fly swatter’


OCTOBER     Monday     12th          7.30 pm. AGM Planning Meeting. Leichhardt

                              Tuesday      13th         ‘Colours of the Rainbow’


NOVEMBER Tuesday      10th          Your choice

DECEMBER   Tuesday    8th          Outing. Christmas Lunch


     For information or transport Contact            Joan Gillard    9730 2773

                     Delphine Ward  9600 7678   or   Norma Clarke 9772 2748