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Frequently asked questions


What is a Congregational Church?

Congregationalism is over 350 years old, a Protestant movement that has its roots in the Puritans.  It seeks to be faithful to the Bible and to the independence of local churches.  We don't have bishops or any hierarchy over the local church.  Together, every member is responsible to seek God's direction for the church.  Everyone has role and no-one is the 'boss.'


How do you cater for children?

In our services: We aim to have a child-friendly service, with a section at the back reserved for 'crawl space' and a cry room.  We have creche each week for preschool children, and kids' church during the service on the first and third Sundays.  We have a good number of families ranging from newborns to Primary aged children. 

During the week: We have Youth Group, Boys Brigade and Netball teams

Sunday School takes place before church, 9.00-10.00am.  There are Bible study groups for men and women at the same time, and morning tea between Sunday School and church.


What kind of music do you use in church?

At Revesby we love to sing!  We use a mix of both new and old songs, and the words are the important thing.  If the words are good and the music is singable, we'll use it, no matter when it was written!  Currently we have musicians playing piano, flute, organ, guitar and bass guitar.  We encourage new musicians to join the team. 


How will I know when to sit, stand, etc in church?

Our order of service is printed in the bulletin each week, so there are no surprises.  The person leading the service will always clearly explain what is happening.  Usually we stand to sing and sit for everything else.  You are not required to stand, especially if health reasons prevent it.


What sorts of messages are preached?

Mornings: We normally go through different books of the Bible.  The Bible is God's message to the world and and it is true, gripping, challenging and encouraging.  The preaching aims to simply explain what the Bible means and apply it to life today in a helpful way. 

Evenings: In a more relaxed atmosphere we have shorter messages, either live or from a DVD.  We use the time to discuss what has been said, with questions and answers.  It's more of a cross between a church service and a Bible study.  And we do that over supper!


What's the Lord Supper all about?  Is it for me?

The Lord's Supper (or Communion) is a special time that Jesus commanded his followers to remember him by.  We use bread and grape juice to remind ourselves about his death for us and the forgiveness of our sins.  It is a simple time usually held at the end of the first morning service and third evening service of each month.  Anyone who has asked Jesus for forgiveness and is seeking to follow him is most welcome to take part.  You don't have to be a member to participate.

Each church has their own way of doing this, and so the leader always clearly explains what is happening.

If you are not a Christian as yet please feel free to watch and listen to what is happening.  You do not need to take part and your decision will be respected.


What's the offering?

As an independent church we have to meet all our financial obligations without outside help.  Regular attenders contribute money to help pay for things like insurance, utilities, the pastor's stipend, etc.

We have a time in the church when the offering is taken up.  We recognise that God has been very generous to us, and so we can afford to be generous too.  Along with praying, singing and preaching, the offering is part of our worship to God.

Ten percent of all our offerings is given to support missionaries and other workers in Australia and around the world.

Some people give weekly, others fortnightly, depending on their pay situation.  Others make use of online giving. 

Guests and visitors are not expected to contribute. 


How long do services go for?

Normally 60 - 70 minutes, and a bit longer when we have the Lord's Supper.


Is there a dress code?

No.  People wear what is comfortable for them, usually neat casual.


Any other questions?

Please contact us by email or phone and we're only too happy to answer any of your questions.